Deep Rest is needed for those who suffer burnout or anxiety, for those who needs productivity, healing, strength, and recovery

In traditional Chinese medicine, Buddhist meditation, Taoist meditation and qigong practice, Deep Rest is a must for recovering the body and mind under the burnout or anxiety. In today’s language, deep rest means deep charging the body energy in order for body and mind to function properly.

In today’s language, the logic is the depletion of human heart energy needs to be charged with deep rest in order for the body and mind to recover and not proceed into further damage.

Furthermore, Anger cause the heart energy to deplete, reading and talking cause heart energy to deplete, so does thinking and worrying. These action and emotions needs to be avoided.

However, people with depleted heart energy is usually trapped in sleeplessness or restlessness, indigestion, and usually further fill with anger, worry, thinking; and those who needs to work loaded with long hour of studying, reading, and talking which is further exhausting.

Thus, the solution is one must have strong support to center and rest one’s heart so that one can rest.

Similar to the exhausted and fearful pigeon who rest under the shadow of the Buddha to get protection against the bully eagle. One needs to rest oneself under the protection of the Buddha, Jesus or Saints.

Be it praying to the medicine Buddha who has a vow to “relieve all pain and poverty of the very sick and poor. The sick be cured, the helpless be helped, the poor be assisted.”


Or praying to St. Padre Pio as in this youtube

One needs long term and frequent good sleep, good rest, deep rest type of prayer or meditation after one rest under the protection of the Buddha, Jesus, or Saints. One might even needs to take a long break from work which cause one burnout to recovered fully; instead of running the body into not reversible damage.

In addition, One also needs proper diet and supplement such as COQ10 ubiquinol under the care of proper Medicare professional. Since the body needs proper nutrition to deep rest to recharge the body energy or Qi.

Burnout and anxiety are medical condition which cannot be recovered by those pop mindfulness meditation or qigong. Those type of practice simply cannot reach into deep rest.

This is a very stressful era, people work very hard to bring food to the table for the family, thus, love oneself and love others to support others. Only this way, human can live a better life. No one can do it alone. But with help from others we all can live a better live.

The following is a burnout living which is very damaging in long term

one needs long deep rest in sleep and during the day as the following


Today, we do have scientific way to measure what we get into and whether the meditation or qigong is working and not living within superticious.

The following meditation is for rest and medium level of rest, deep rest type of meditatin needs to be coached by experience teacher.

How deep a rest can be characterized with the four layer model. A deep rest has penetration of all four layers and


cover the natural resonance state instead of just touching the intentional regulation state as described in the following description in the meditation matrix book.

A typical example of deep rest shown in the following figure where the level of rest drop below rest level 25 toward level 1 and heart rate drop under 60 bpm. These all can be scientifically measured today.


The body energy charging under deep rest is shown in the following figure

Knowing the above, love oneself , know that one need to frequently take break and having deep rest in sleep to take care of the body energy or else our heart or cardio vascular will likely to be damage or going toward the direction of stroke. One can feel the pressure in chest, exhausting or tired while talking, absent minded, cannot focus, quick to get angry, or having digestion problem when the body energy or the heart Qi or energy as the Chinese called it is depleted. These has been known for hundred of years in the big data of the chinese healing history.

Productivity and creativity comes after body energy. Only with good health one can have those. Corporate upper management needs to know there is no quick fix with pop meditation to get productivity. Energy can’t come from philosophy or ancient magic of counting breathing or hold breathing or body scan or visualization. Energy comes from diet, deep rest, and balance in daily living.

Teach the kid to take break to rest to preserve their energy not to deplete it for sensory excitement with tablet or smart phone all day long, that is teaching them the most important thing for them to face and to live in this artificial intelligence era.

Note :


I might miss understood but it seems the article is turned more into the “ traditional “ prayer/church help. What about the “non believers” ?( I know they could watch your videos to understand better) but by just reading the article someone could conclude that they need some religion


Prayer help to settle one down when one is completely lost it and can not rest.

It can be a doctor or a Buddha or a grandmother or a friend one thrust. At the situation of one has completely running in fear with no confident , that has to be centered before anything.

If one doesn’t get to that completely lost state, the meditation technique can do the job, but if one has lost it, then prayer is a critical key technique. It is simply one needs external help to center oneself.

If one doesn’t center with external support one will very likely to run down the heart energy under fight or flight condition and damage the heart or cardiovascular.

It is not about religion, it is the mean to help people or to save people. We human are not strong without the help of others. Anyone can breakdown if face with devastating situation.

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